Saturday, October 29, 2011

letter to matthew


Dear Matthew,

My mama heart swelled with pride today as I witnessed something that I was afraid would not happen anytime soon. 

Today, we took you to a new-to-us Martial Arts Studio since we were all entirely unhappy with the previous one.  I was incredibly apprehensive as we waited for the class to begin.  I think you were a bit nervous as well – you tried to keep yourself busy by playing on my iTouch.

When your class started and I had to send you “to the mat” by yourself with new teachers and peers you’ve never met, I started to get very anxious.  I was expecting you to put up your protective shell, keep to yourself, and do your own thing.  But what I saw took me by surprise and made me so proud of you! 

You jumped right in with everyone else and started participating in all the activities.  You welcomed others’ help.  You even played a game that you usually hate:  Dodge Ball.  At the end of the class, other kids stopped what they were doing just so they could say “Bye” to you.  After climbing into the car, I stood at your door and asked you what you thought of this new place.  You said, “I love it!”  And I love that you love it. 


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