Wednesday, February 22, 2012

hello again + project life vol. 2 ::: issue 6 & 7

Hello Project Life 2012 | Weeks six & seven

It's been awhile since I have updated here.  My family and I moved to a new home just weeks before Christmas and we've been trying to settle in to our new home and new routine.  I'll probably share more about that on another day.  Right now I would like to share my Project Life 2012 weeks six and seven with you.

I've been trying to use more product this year because I have so much and I need to make use of it!   I've used some letter stickers, tape, cardstock embellishments, and my Dymo label maker.

Also, I'm trying to branch out to different sized photos rather than printing everything to fit perfectly in the pockets.  Using on my iPhone is a fun way to mix things up, too!  Most of the photos this week are printed at 4 x 4 and 3 x 3.  I'm thinking about trying out 2 x 2 -- maybe next week...

I forgot to photograph any of the goings-on on my birthday so I just wrote a little bit about it on a journaling card.  It reads:  I was so happy when I found out my birthday landed on one of Troy's days off!  The four of us went out to a late lunch at the Peppery Gar & Brill with a stop on the way home at Baskin Robbins.  We picked up a Gold Medal Ribbon ice cream cake and came home to celebrate my 35th Birthday!

The kiddos broke my antique typewriter ((pout :: boo hoo)), so I just typed my words in Photoshop using the Daisy Wheel font and ran the journaling card through my printer.

I took a couple shots around the house to show my friend how I'm displaying the photographs that she took of the kiddos.  I wanted to include those shots because they are actually two of my favorite displays in my house.  ((smile))

We finally got a pretty good dumping of snow last week.  Nothing like we've had in the past, but this Winter hasn't really been like others we've had in the past few years.

The kitty photo on the left shows our cat, Dude, having his way with Anberly's hair.  He is absolutely fascinated by her hair and licks/bites at it sometimes.  We don't really know why, but I'm glad I was able to capture it in a photo.  He's definitely a one-of-a-kind cat.

The kitty photo on the right is of our new kitty, Ryder.  He's a fluffy little thing with short legs.  ((haha :: snort))  He's such a sweetheart and is definitely my kind of cat.

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  1. Oh I loved seeing a bit of your life through project life! And all the design and elements and details are amazing!