Tuesday, June 14, 2011

our new dining table

Last week we finished up a quick and easy project: A new dining table!

table 4Align Center

Our old dining table wasn't cutting it anymore. We bought it when we first got married almost 16 years ago. It was just the two of us, and we didn't need anything big. The finish on the tabletop was wearing off and there were plenty of marks that indicated that we have two growing children in the house. They've done their art projects on this table and left paint and glue stains behind. They've done craft projects that left nicks and dents behind. It was a well-loved dining table and has served it's purpose in our family.

table 1

For a few years now, I've been begging asking that we start saving for a new dining table. I knew the size and quality that I wanted and I was expecting it to cost thousands of dollars.

table 5

Recently, I came across a fabulous website that offers free plans for furniture! And wouldn't you know it, there are plans for dining tables. I immediately printed off the plans to show to my hubby when he got home from work. I was full of excitement and asked him if he thought it was do-able. Yes, he said! YAY! So I dragged him out of the house the very next day to go buy our materials.

table 3

It only took 4-6 hours to do all the cutting and assembling. The staining took less than 30 minutes to apply. We let it dry overnight and applied several layers of polyurethane (sanding between layers). Then I painted the bottom part of the table with a satin finish of Valspar's Cake Batter and gave it a distressed finish.

table 6

We absolutely love this table! One of the next projects on the list is to make a matching bench and slipcovers with cushions for our old chairs.

table 2

Another piece that we plan on building for our dining room is this awesome corner hutch!

corner hutch

This is just one of many many projects on my to-do list. Stay tuned to see what else we build!


  1. Wow I really love this. I want my hubby to build cabinents like this for our flip house project. I love the vintage style look and bead board inset panels. The vintage color is so retro. Love it. I think I will go with white for our flip house. I can see so many possibilities with this piece.

  2. Isn't it neat! Our color green that we want to do is a little bit different, but I love that wainscoting, too. I think that's what drew me to this piece and it gives it a lot more personality.

    As we are figuring out how things need to be in our home, we realized that we need to have something larger, so it turns out that we won't be building this piece after all. I am, however, very excited about building the piece that we decided on. I am hoping to be able to do most of the work by myself, too (without hubby's help). We'll see. :o)